The deVOL Journal

A Busy Family Home

9th January 2023

By Kathryn Collins

I’ve been at Floors of Stone for over 13 years now and always wondered along the way what products I’d choose for my own home. Well after 8 years in our current house we’ve pretty much finished the renovations and I have used a few Floors of Stone products along the way.

The first project was the bathroom, we chose the Aged Oak Wood effect porcelain. I knew as soon as Floors of Stone introduced this range I would have it in my own house, it’s the best wood effect porcelain I’ve seen to date, and that can still be said 7 years later. It’s practical and the grain and texture makes it look authentic, people still question if it’s real wood or not. Whilst the bathroom itself could do with a fresh lick of paint, I can genuinely say the floor still looks like it did on completion.

The hallway was a big job, the previous owners had glass purple mosaics on the step of the stairs which were not to our liking. We considered carpeting the stairs but loved the wood and therefore decided to painstakingly remove the glass mosaics and replace with Hannah’s handmade Whitechapel tiles. Unfortunately, these were discontinued when Hannah moved onto pastures new but deVOL still do a lovely collection of handmade tiles which can be found here.

We knew when we purchased the property that we wanted to put an extension on the back of the house to give us a bigger kitchen and living area, you’re just never sure if you’ll get round to it! Luckily for us, in 2019 we pushed the button and went ahead.

We deliberated long and hard over the floor choice and kitchen so I can appreciate how difficult these decisions can be. We eventually decided on the Ravello Grey Porcelain tiles, the large format suited the space perfectly and they are a great stone imitation porcelain with natural looking fossils, scuffs and a slightly worn edge. We had a toddler and a baby on the way so it had to be practical and stand the test of spillages, weaning, potty training, toys and scooters! It’s ok taking Insta worthy shots but this is the reality of a busy family home.

The floor has been down for almost 3 years now, including lockdown where we pretty much lived in this room, and other than the chaos around it, you wouldn’t know. There isn’t a chip or scratch, stain or crack, it can be hoovered, brushed, and steam cleaned.

We even managed to accommodate some reclaimed tiles that I fell in love with, salvaged from Spain, they are unique and therefore there won’t be another splashback like it. We have a great selection of reclaimed tiles which can be used as floor tiles, fireplaces, or if you love them as much as me, you’ll find a home for them. View our current ranges here.