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A Charming Kitchen & Bar in Pennsylvania, USA

16th April 2019

By Charlie McEnery

I think the combination of Dove House and Whitechapel Handmade tiles was an accident really but it works so well!

We created the Dove House and Whitechapel handmade tiles as individual designs. It was only once we started playing around with different pattern combinations we fell in love with this mix and it’s been a massive hit with our customers ever since. We genuinely work on a ratio of 1 Dove House to 3 Whitechapel Tiles, but of course, customers are able to choose any ratio they want!

One of our customers, and very talented interior designer, Nancy, or @nancyhanseninteriordesign as she’s known on Instagram, sent in these gorgeous pictures of this amazing kitchen and bar area that she has been working on in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. Our Handmade tiles have been used as cooker splashback and in the bar area.

I really love the use of dark walnut coloured cabinetry and shelving in the bar as it adds so much depth and charm. The style is authentic and original with splashes of colour from the array of bottles and eccentric artwork.

Nancy hasn’t been shy to add contrast, using different textures and a varied colour palette. The worktop is smooth and dark with striking white veining and quartz running through the material. We then have the uneven, organic textured splashback tiles, with flecks of iron oxide speckles within the white, handmade, patterned finish.

Although a different project, you can really see the detail that we talk of in the images of these handmade tiles above.

With the use of the same tiles, Nancy displays a more elegant look in the kitchen with simple and lovely colours: white, cream and a light mushroom-like grey.

Now for some images of the whole room, showing that the project in its full glory.

I hope that you have been inspired by our blog today and if you have any enquiries about our handmade tiles or any of our flooring then please get in touch at or call us on 01509 234000.


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