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Can’t help but love our new tiles

25th April 2018

By Sophie Mitchell

What better thing to do to cheer up a miserable Wednesday morning (that sun was short lived!) then write a quick blog about two of our fab new products! Once we saw these tiles, we just knew we had to add them to our range, they’re so different to anything else we offer and truly beautiful.

I won’t lie, I really struggle with finding the perfect, unique name for our tiles, it’s a lot harder than it sounds! So this time I enlisted the help of deVOL’s lovely and brilliant Creative Director, Helen. She is so clever at this sort of thing and instantly came up with two perfect names – Black Soho Limestone and Parisian Chequer Marble.

The first one I’ll tell you about is the Black Soho Limestone. I’m already in love with this tile and I’m secretly coveting it for when we renovate our utility room (so maybe in the next decade?!) It’s the most beautiful stone, full of darkest black tones, light charcoal tones and areas of very light grey speckling. Its distressed finish leaves some tiles velvety smooth and other tiles with a slightly rougher texture, which works brilliantly to give the appearance of a time-worn and time-loved floor. It would look completely amazing in a kitchen, or if you’re not brave enough to cover such a large space maybe a little boot room or downstairs loo to give these forgotten spaces a bit of surprise splendour!

Black Soho Limestone

The tiles come in 250x70x15 so ideal for laying in a herringbone pattern, which is so stylish and adds to the beauty of these tiles. The distressed finish lends itself well to a more rustic setting but I also think they would be great in a more contemporary home where they could add a contrast and a bit of drama to the room. They can be laid outside as well as inside, so ideal for the infinity look that so many of our customers crave. I can just imagine this laid on a secluded patio area, full of terracotta pots bursting with plants, a little cast iron bistro table and chairs, glass of wine and a good book in hand…you could almost believe you were in the Mediterranean.

Our second new addition is the Parisian Chequer Marble. We’ve had so many customers looking for the perfect chequerboard floor, so we went searching high and low and when we found this we knew our search was at an end. It’s made up of the Parisian White and the Parisian Black Marble, both of which can be bought separately if the chequerboard pattern isn’t quite right for your project.

Parisian Chequer Marble

The Parisian White is (as the name suggests) a white marble with delicate pale grey and the lightest blush pink veins throughout and plenty of quartz detail evident within the stone. The Parisian Black Marble is a pale black stone with lighter areas of grey veining, so it sits nicely against the Parisian White and isn’t a really stark contrast, it’s a little more subtle than some other options we’ve seen. It also has these gorgeous, striking coppery coloured veins through it which give the tiles even more interest.

Parisian Black Marble

Parisian White Marble

The tiles have a brushed surface and a tumbled edge to give a softer appearance, more like a reclaimed or original stone so they’re perfect for older properties. The classic white and black tones still give a feeling of opulence but with a little more of a lived-in feel. Traditionally used in Victorian hallways, I think these tiles would look amazing in somewhere a little grander as well, maybe an orangery if you’re lucky enough to have such a thing!

Both of these tiles are now available to view on our website and in our showroom. If you can’t make it to our showroom at Cotes Mill, then we’re happy to send out free samples of our tiles to give you a better idea of the colour and finish of the stone. And of course, our wonderful team are available over the phone and on email to help with any questions you may have. You can find all our contact details here //


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