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Embrace the Dark Side….

17th May 2016

By Martha McKenzie

If I had a pound for every time a customer’s mind had been changed about “dark” coloured floors, after seeing us at the Mill – I’d be a rich woman.

Ultimately many people assume that if you are considering a dark coloured paint or worktop as a component of your project, that dark floors are entirely out of the question. I wanted just to give my opinion on the matter, as personally I love the marriage of dark brooding colours together, and wished it was more frequently embraced.

Below are a few pictures of customer’s projects that have been sent in to us, which have utilised a dark floor alongside a dark element – sometimes even in small spaces with limited light, and I think the effect and results speak for themselves:

Above is an example of where a customer has chosen to use our Brazilian Black Slate to accompany a dark grey paint.  The big window adds a beautiful feature to this space.

This customer has used our Riven Grey Quartzite in a wonderfully medieval themed bathroom. The rustic nature of the tiles complements the aged feel of the space wonderfully. I think the darker colours work to create a feeling of authenticity that I just don’t think a lighter floor would have achieved as effectively.

This project is a good example of combining light coloured units with a dark worktop and floor. This customer has used our Rough Black Limestone to tie in the dark elements of their worktop and cooker beautifully (and an additional bonus – darker floors hide the dirt more easily!)

I adore the kitchen above. Its colouring is not too dissimilar from the very popular “Pantry Blue” supplied by our sister company deVOL kitchens. This customer has accompanied their dark kitchen units with our beautifully versatile Silver Tumbled Travertine. The light coloured grout, suits the paler aspects of the tiles variation, whilst the dark hues of the units, accentuate the tiles lovely dark grey mottling- a superb choice!

Finally is one of my favourite deVOL kitchens (the Hampton court kitchen – I recommend you check it out on their website under “The Classic English Kitchens”). This is a bespoke kitchen colour, a wonderful dark palette that shows a discerning eye for colour. The dark grey/bluey undertones of the units, contrasting against the wonderful coppery tones of the Umbrian is a treat for the eyes.

So there we have a few examples for you, I hope they have helped and open up a wider choice of flooring on the “maybe” list.


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