The deVOL Journal

Moroccan Tiles

16th September 2020

By Molly Cherry

We have spent many months trying to source the perfect tiles to fit in with our ever-growing range of beautiful tiles and we have now found just the ones! You may have seen on our social media pages that we have now launched two exciting, new tiles; Buccella Tumbled Limestone and Mill House Blend Limestone. Both of these stunning tiles have been sourced from Morocco, close to the Atlas Mountains so I thought now would be a good time to introduce them both a bit more to you.

Firstly, I will introduce you to the Buccella Tumbled Limestone which everybody at Floors of Stone loves! The chalky, pale grey tones and softly tumbled edges help to give such a timeless feel to this stone and gives the impression of a floor that has been laid for many years. There is a lot of interest to these tiles with subtle black veining and mineral deposits running through the stone which adds even more natural beauty! The tiles are available in either an opus pattern or a freelength pattern so, depending on the look you wish to achieve, would depend on which pattern you feel would be best for you. The opus pattern is an assortment of smaller and larger rectangles and squares whereas the freelength pattern is a mix of tiles all with the same width but varying lengths so there is something to suit every space. The hard-wearing nature of these tiles means they are well suited to busy home environments and are ideal for use in kitchens, dining spaces and even external patio areas.

Now, onto our brand new Mill House Blend Limestone. There is something so special about this limestone and something so different from other products that are on the market. The tiles range in colour from a pale grey to a warmer oatmeal tone with a lot of colours in-between, making them truly unique! The tumbled edges and pitted surface provide a very authentic feel to the tiles and we know they would work perfectly in period properties such as cottages or barn conversions. The tiles come in a slightly different size to the rest of our range as they are available in a 200xFL (freelength) size but this means they lend themselves well to smaller areas, such as utility rooms and boot rooms, as well as large, open spaces. The Mill House Blend is an extremely hardwearing stone meaning it can be used outside for patios or pathways.  We can just picture these tiles being laid on a lovely courtyard space!

Both of these tiles are now available to view on our website but if you would like a quotation or a sample sending out of any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our lovely sales team on, 01509 234000, who will be more than happy to help. There are lots more exciting products to be introduced soon so keep an eye on our social media pages for more information!