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Outdoor Living

3rd May 2017

By Emily Thompson

With Spring on the horizon, we look forward to more sunshine, warmer days and more time spent outdoors. No more arriving home as it’s starting to get dark and we can begin to leave “hibernation mode” behind. I love the warmer months as I really enjoy going for runs in the countryside and I especially enjoy al fresco dining as it’s an excuse to eat lots of BBQ’d food (hence all the running I have to do!). As bifold doors and outdoor living become more prevalent in the design world many of us want a more seamless divide between indoors and outdoors. Using the same flooring in both areas gives an infinity feel that many want to achieve.

We get some customers asking us which tiles can be laid outside, and although this is specified on each product page, we haven’t provided a cohesive list yet. Below you can see, at this current time, which tiles can be laid outside:


Country Mix Tumbled (Opus Pattern Paviers only)

Light Tumbled (Opus Pattern Paviers only)

Silver Tumbled (Opus Pattern Paviers only)



Dijon Tumbled

Dijon Brushed

Dijon Honed

Vintage Bronze Tumbled

Vintage Bronze


Jaipur Brushed

Tumbled Antiqued Ash

Hand Dressed Antiqued Ash

Mohala Grey

Worn Grey

Brushed Charcoal

Relic Grey

Cotes Blend Pavers


No Marble, all of our slate, both our Sandstones, and all of our Porcelain.

It is important to note that although a tile can be laid outside it is best to pay attention to the texture of the tile. The smoother the tile the more likely it can be a little slippery in frosty or wet conditions and the more textured the tile the more grip you will have if it’s wet/frosty outside. With natural stone, there are no slip ratings as it is a natural product, however, with our porcelain there are slip ratings available on request. Also, the best screed for all of the tiles is a concrete screed so if you plan to use a different base it is best to speak to your installer to seek further advice.

Although the weather in the UK doesn’t always allow for much outdoor living, when it is sunny we certainly love to make the most of it! Early on in the year we like to prep for the warmer months by purchasing new garden furniture, possibly a new BBQ and pretty outdoor lighting (and maybe a hammock – why not?!). We like to freshen up an area that has long been forgotten through the colder months and a newly tiled patio definitely helps with a spruce up!

If you have any further questions about tiling outdoors, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 01509 234000.

All images taken from Pinterest


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