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Pink Handmade Tiles

15th December 2017

By Charlie McEnery

Hannah is always busy in the ceramics studio printing tiles, sketching for bespoke orders, loading up the kiln…the list goes on. She also manages to squeeze in some time for experimentation with tile sizes and glazes. Recently Hannah designed a gorgeous tile that she couldn’t wait to share with us, you may have already seen photos on social media, we think you’ll love it – tada!

The pink looks so delicious – it reminds me of strawberry milkshake! Hannah found a lot of her inspiration for the glaze colour from the giftware around the Mill as well as various interior design shows. She wanted to achieve a warm, light pink which is soft against other interiors but also makes a statement.

Hannah wanted the tile size to stand out as well as she prefers a more adaptable size for kitchens and bathrooms. The herringbone pattern is a firm favourite and it’s something slimmer tiles can achieve so she experimented with the 200×60 size and loves the outcome. Having a simple colour allows you to experiment with patterns and interesting designs – we can’t wait to see customer photos of the tiles in situ.

These tiles are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hearths and statement walls. Due to the warm undertones, they go perfectly with coppers and golds, as well as muted greys for a lovely contrast. They are handmade in the ceramics studio so you can ensure that each and every tile has been carefully handmade by Hannah. It is £5 per tile and they can now be found on the website if you click here. For any more information please call our friendly staff on 01509 234000 or email You can also see a video where Hannah talks about the metro tiles here.



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