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6th December 2018

By Molly Platts

As Sophie mentioned in her recent blog, it has been a busy few months for us here at Floors of Stone with visiting our customers’ beautiful homes to photograph their new kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces with our various flooring options. As well as this, we have been occupied with sourcing new products, which we recently teased you with, so I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce some of our latest products to you.

Boughton Oak

I am sure you’re all familiar with our beautiful range of wood flooring, Planks & Parquet, with our most recent addition to this range being our Boughton Oak. The difference between this product and the rest of our parquet range is that the Boughton Oak is an unfinished block rather than a semi-finished parquet. The idea behind this is to give you more flexibility with the look you wish to achieve from the parquet, so you can create the finish you desire to complement your own space best. The Boughton Oak is available in either a 200×70 or 600×90 block so, dependant on the size of your room, there is a size to suit larger and smaller spaces. Our Boughton Oak also has a smooth surface and square edges to provide a more traditional ‘ice-rink’ look.

Torrente Polished Marble

You may have seen recent posts across our social media pages about our new Torrente Polished Marble. This gorgeous marble has a vivid white background with striking navy and dark violet veins running through the tile leaving a very luxurious feel. This tile would be perfect as a feature wall in a modern bathroom, or for our more daring customers, on a kitchen floor! This economy grade of marble is priced at just £45 p/m2 Inc. VAT so you can add a real opulent feel to your home without breaking the bank!

Caldera Porcelain

As suppliers of natural stone, we fully understand that it’s not for everybody! A lot of customers often worry about the upkeep and maintenance of natural stone and prefer to opt for a porcelain tile for a more practical solution. Well, now we have the perfect compromise with our Caldera Porcelain. This new addition to our range has been very cleverly designed to replicate the look of our Silver Travertine so combines the character of natural stone with the practicality of porcelain – perfect right?! The tumbled edge helps to strengthen the appearance of a natural stone and there are also areas to the surface of the tiles which mimic the pits and veins which would be found in an unfilled travertine. The tiles also have a high anti-slip rating and a thickness of 2cm, making them perfectly suited for external use.

Silvante Porcelain

Similar to our Caldera Porcelain, the Silvante Porcelain is another stone-effect porcelain addition, with it being made to replicate our Silver Shadow Marble. This porcelain tile is light grey in colour and has plenty of interest with its replica vein and quartz details which further adds to the illusion of a natural marble tile. The tumbled edges, textured surface and 2cm thickness make it a perfect option for external patios and projects as well as internal spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and dining/living spaces.

All of our new products are now live on our website and samples are available of all of our flooring range by requesting them here. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to get further information on, 01509 234000 or email


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