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9th January 2018

By Charlie McEnery

Finding the perfect balance in life isn’t always easy: fighting between your career, social life, family and downtime is always a little tricky. People in the UK are definitely trying to make more of a conscious effort to find this balance, however, we don’t seem to have it right just yet. The Scandinavians, on the other hand, seem to be masters of it and their whole culture revolves around socialising, spending time with family and loved ones, essentially having that work-life balance we all crave. This whole way of life has massively influenced Scandinavian design, having a balance in their interiors is very prominent, based around cosy and functional spaces, with furniture and storage that is simple and practical, yet so beautiful.

This image was taken from Pinterest

Getting the look that Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland do so well is becoming increasingly popular and us Brits are starting to put our own twist on this style. But it’s not as easy as it looks!

So how can you create your own piece of Scandi heaven?


This is a big one. In Norway the winters are long and the days are short, so maximising natural light is very important. This is where the influence of light comes from in Scandinavian design.

Soft artificial lighting and candlelight is used to create a homely and comforting atmosphere. Blue and bright LED lights tend to be a no no and warm orange and yellow lights are most definitely encouraged.

Fairy lights, clear vintage style decorative light bulbs and candlelight are also simple and affordable ways of achieving this look.

This is deVOL’s Sebastian Cox Kitchen. Paul O’Leary, the founder of deVOL Kitchens and Floors of Stone, describes this kitchen as ‘Urban Rustic’ and says “it brings a little bit of woodland into the city, with some style.” And Sebastian Cox himself describes it as “clean, simple and light but is brimming with subtle texture to keep the choice of material front of mind.”

I think both of these statements describe the Sebastian Cox Kitchen perfectly and, in my opinion, it is a perfect example of how British designers are taking parts of Scandinavian design and turning it into something magnificent.

Helen Parker, deVOL Kitchens very brilliant Creative Director, has styled the Cotes Mill Sebastian Cox display perfectly, with soft and calm lighting.

I also couldn’t resist sharing with you this elegant Crackle Pendant Light by deVOL, completely crafted by hand in our ceramics studio here at Cotes Mill.

This image was taken from Pinterest

The importance of light in the summer months is just as important as in the winter months. In Nordic design, embracing the sun and soaking in as much natural light as you can while you can is encouraged.

This is created by big open windows allowing natural light to beam through, also embracing the natural surroundings.


The use of raw and natural materials is key and true to Scandi design: wood, fur rugs, and plants are all things that help give a warming and homely feel. A clean white space could look quite clinical without these soft touches.

Solid oak parquet and plank flooring, in my opinion, is an essential foundation for creating your dreamy hygge paradise. I’m going to share with you a couple of my favourite choices from our flooring range.

Our Chatsworth Oak Parquet, it’s light yet warm with an authentic, aged appearance.

Our Prestwold Oak Parquet – The pale tones make it ideal for a contemporary look and perfect for Scandinavian-inspired schemes. Suitable for use throughout the home, we think these blocks would work particularly well against mushroom or light grey kitchen cabinets.

Although most wood flooring is suitable throughout the home, including kitchens, it isn’t always going to be practical for everyone. For me, solid oak would do the job but maybe a few years down the line with 1 million children and 10 dogs would I be saying the same thing?

Thankfully for people who are already there and need something low maintenance and practical for busy family life we have the perfect option…. Wood effect porcelain. It looks like solid oak but has the practicalities of a porcelain tile, you can spill almost anything on it and it wipes straight off.

This is our Aged Oak Wood Effect Porcelain, with dark brown and ash grey grain and knot detail throughout that make this tile hard to distinguish from natural wood.

The final flourish – rugs and throws!! A nice big rug never goes amiss, this would be a good opportunity to add a splash of colour or you can keep it simple, it’s up to you. Sheepskin rugs and big comfy throws are also a great choice and will definitely add a bit of much-needed comfort.

This image was taken from Pinterest


White, as you may already know, is the go-to colour brightening a space, making it feel light and airy. It’s the perfect base colour and allows you to bring in other soft colours, such as light greys and pastels and even bold blues and black. Don’t be afraid to introduce bolder colours, just remember to introduce them in moderation.

Adding splashes of bold colours in accessories, such as rugs, cushions or even a sofa or chair is very effective.

Too much colour and clutter is something that should be avoided as it’s important to let your furnishings breathe, which adds to the idea of practical living. It’s all about finding that balance!

This image was taken from Pinterest

So there it is my short guide to Scandi interiors. I hope you find it useful. If you want to know more about any of our flooring products, visit our website: or if you are after more inspiration, then you can visit our Pinterest boards


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