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9th March 2018

By Martha McKenzie

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post, as I have spent the last eighteen months rather engrossed with this little face.

My husband and I welcomed “Runa” into the world at the end of July, and to say life has never been the same since is an understatement. She is such a bundle of amazing inquisitive wonder and is already a strong-minded little lady (I wonder where she gets that from, eh?!)

Her most very favourite things are ducks and the swings and she enjoys a visit to Floors of Stone too, especially the nice big echo-ee showroom!

We also decided to move a little bit further away from Loughborough into the sticks, to a lovely sleepy little part of the Peak District, in between Matlock and Bakewell. We have landed ourselves with an absolutely beautiful property (Grade II listed) that used to be a butchers (you can still see hooks in the ceiling where the meat would have hung). It needs quite a bit of TLC but we are happy and honoured to take on the project and breathe a bit of life back into the building. Runa has also taken the move in her stride and has enjoyed climbing and investigating everything (renovation with a one year old definitely makes “baby proofing” interesting!). Even our cat Sesame has enjoyed the new lifestyle, and has become an outdoor cat and now has the vast countryside to roam!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to start back up at Floors of Stone, I’ve missed the office rapport and my lovely colleagues. We’ve also had a couple of new ranges in my absence, that I have enjoyed familiarising myself with, our new Planks and Parquet range (I am obsessed with moody and sensuous Blackden Oak) and not forgetting our beautiful delicate Stucco range.

So, if anyone else, like me, has taken on the task of renovating an old gem, please get in touch with Floors Of Stone Ltd- we would love to be of service…


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