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Bianco Carrara C Polished Marble Tiles

Polished with a square edge

These tiles are a 9mm backed porcelain tile with a 3mm marble veneer, making them very durable and are lighter than a solid marble tile.

Off white tiles with grey quartz veining running throughout.

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600 x 300 x 12 - £90.00/m2
600 x 600 x 12 - £95.00/m2

from £90.00/m2

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Further information

Calibrated: Yes

Suitable for walls: Yes in most cases, please check with your tiler for suitability

Requires sealing: Yes

Suitable for external use: No

Bianco Carrara C Marble originates from Italy and has been used for centuries in classical building interiors and sculpture. Our Bianco Carrara is made up of a marble veneer on a porcelain back, making it durable and light, ideal for creating a beautiful, modern shower room or an authentic classic kitchen. The off-white background interspersed with delicate grey quartz veining creates a real feel of luxury.

Marble is a classic stone, often seen in grand buildings and is now an affordable option for your home. Loved for its rich patternation with contrasting veins, quartz and mottling, marble is a luxurious stone that adds sophistication to any interior space. High gloss and honed varieties exude quality whilst tumbled tiles have a more rustic, soft finish.

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