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Wonderful Worn Grey

3rd January 2014

By Tom Hollingsworth

It is always much appreciated when our customers take the time to provide photographs of finished projects, especially so when it is a product that we have a particular liking towards.

This is the case with a recent customer who combined the ageless elegance of the hand finished Worn Grey Limestone tile alongside a modern pristine kitchen. The infusion of old and new makes a really stunning statement, combining thick heavily tumbled grout lines with the smooth, sleek angular finish of the kitchen.

With the Worn Grey Limestone you will always make a statement due to the quality of the stone, the depth of colour and the large striking format that it comes in. It is when the stone is juxtaposed with a modish, up to date kitchen that the finished project becomes more than a new floor which I feel is demonstrated below.

Choosing the right type of stone floor tile is important, not just deciding on a Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate etc but you then need to make sure that within the type of stone you have chosen you pick the right tile for you that complements the surroundings. I feel that the below customers photographs demonstrate just how worthy it is to spend the time in choosing the right stone floor for you.


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