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Introducing Penzano

In the ever evolving world of interior design, the quest for timeless beauty and durability has led to the Penzano range of porcelain tiles….

Multicolour Slate Porcelain

Slate has long been revered for its natural beauty, durability, and rustic elegance. It’s a material that has graced countless architectural marvels and interior…

New Year, New Savings

Some of you may have seen our Winter Sale and thought you had missed out but fear not, throughout the year we often run…

Possibilities with pattern

Recently we have introduced our Zingaro tiles, offering another elegant tile choice within our porcelain collection. The style of our Zingaro tiles have been…

Terracotta Tiles

Ever wanted a reclaimed Terracotta floor but couldn’t afford the price? Well, our Terracotta tiles will allow you to recreate that timeless look but…

Winter Sale Now On

We understand, at this time of year, budgets are stretched to the max and every penny matters when it comes to home renovation projects….