The deVOL Journal

Special Offer – Cotes Blend Limestone

20th February 2023

By Joe Forrest

As Spring approaches, it’s time to shift our attention to external projects and landscaping. We have numerous options here at Floors of Stone that can be used externally but our Cotes Blend Pavers has been a favourite for a while now. This external Limestone is not only loved by our customers, but by ourselves as well. Our Cotes Blend Pavers are currently on special offer, starting from just £28.00 p/m2, meaning you can have a premium stone without breaking the bank.

The combination of colours that the Cotes Blend offers is one of my personal reasons for liking this stone. Featuring elements of sand and ochre, the tiles have warm, earthy colours that range from sage green to grey to copper. These tiles are available in our grand opus pattern which is a wonderful way to lay these tiles as it really helps to divide a space.

There are a few key aspects to take into account when choosing an exterior tile, such as its texture. The smoother the tile, the more likely it is to become slippery when wet, so choosing a tile with plenty of texture is always advised. The riven surface of the Cotes Blend Pavers as this gives them a slightly uneven, textured surface which makes it perfect for the outdoors.

Many people are thinking about a pleasant outdoor space where they can enjoy the sun as the weather becomes warmer and the barbecue season approaches. The Cotes Blend complements all weather conditions, especially the sun, so this makes it ideal for external spaces designed for socialising.

The special offer on these tiles is only whilst stocks last so ensure you don’t leave it too late to get the best price possible for your external project this Spring. If you would like to see these tiles in person, we have a generous display at our showroom based at Cotes Mill in Leicestershire and there is always somebody on hand to answer any queries or questions you have. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call on, 01509 234000. We’d love to hear from you and help with your upcoming project.