The deVOL Journal

Introducing Penzano

19th February 2024

By Joe Forrest

In the ever evolving world of interior design, the quest for timeless beauty and durability has led to the Penzano range of porcelain tiles. Embodying sophistication and charm, these tiles seamlessly blend the rustic allure of old stone floors with the modern elegance of porcelain.

Penzano tiles are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a stone effect design that exudes warmth and character. The carefully curated warm beige tones capture the essence of natural stone, adding a touch of timeless class to any space. Whether you are revamping a living room, kitchen, or bathroom, Penzano tiles effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of your interior.

The surface texture of Penzano tiles plays a pivotal role in replicating the authentic appearance of aged stone flooring. The result is a flooring solution that resonates with history while meeting the demands of contemporary living.

Available in the popular 600 x 900 dimensions, Penzano tiles offer versatility in design, allowing for creative installations that suit various room sizes and layouts. The larger format contributes to a seamless look, minimising grout lines and giving your space an expansive feel.

The durability and low maintenance of porcelain make Penzano tiles a practical choice for high traffic areas, ensuring that your floor withstands the test of time.

Penzano tiles come in three exquisite colour options; Beige, Crema, and Grigio. Beige radiates a timeless warmth, creating a cosy ambiance in your home. The Crema option introduces a touch of understated luxury, while the Grigio choice adds a modern twist with its cool tones. The choice of colour allows you to personalise your space according to your unique style preferences.

The Penzano range represents a fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary practicality. With warm beige tones, surface texture reminiscent of old stone floors, and a choice of beige, crema, or grigio, Penzano tiles redefine elegance in interior design. Upgrade your space with the enduring charm and sophistication of Penzano, where tradition meets modernity in every tile.