The deVOL Journal

Elegant and Durable Mohala Grey Limestone

30th October 2023

By Joe Forrest

Choosing a grey flagstone tile can present you with a delightful dilemma, offering a wide array of options from the weathered charm of Worn Grey to the rustic elegance of our Tumbled Antiqued Ash Limestone. The Mohala Grey Limestone is distinctive within this category; with its mid to dark grey tones and occasional quartz detail, is a testament to the enduring allure of natural stone. Its captivating colours, unique patterns, and versatility make it a perfect choice for a number of applications within the home such as kitchens, living spaces, dining rooms, and hallways.

Known for its various shades of grey and subtle veining, the Mohala Grey is sourced from quarries in India and showcases nature’s artistry through its organic patterns and textures which contribute to an enchanting array of patterns and fossils. Additionally, the sporadic inclusion of quartz accents imparts a subtle detail to the stone’s surface.

The tiles undergo a tumbling procedure, resulting in soft edges and delicate scuff marks on the surface which really highlights the true beauty of a natural stone. This limestone feels smooth to the touch, all while maintaining a subtle slip resistance, which makes it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications so would suit those customers looking for a seamless transition between inside and out which is very popular.

The elegant appearance and durability of Mohala Grey Limestone make it an excellent choice for flooring in both residential and commercial spaces. It can infuse a sense of luxury into any room. In addition, the heat-resistant properties of this limestone make it an ideal material for fireplace surrounds.

The Mohala Grey Limestone comes in a very sought-after free-length pattern which is made up of varying lengths of tiles which creates a slightly more random appearance whilst maintaining some consistency with the width of the tiles remaining the same. With the tiles varying in size, it means that they lend themselves well to a wide variety of spaces, both small and large.

An added bonus with these beautiful tiles is that they are currently on special offer and have a huge saving of £10 p/m2 now making them just £47 p/m2 inc. VAT and with good stock levels, it means we can deliver to you within 3-5 working days. You can also request up to 4 free samples with us so if you would like a sample of this Limestone, or any others within our range, these can be requested here and will be dispatched within 48 hours of your request. For any further queries you may have, please feel free to contact our very knowledgeable sales team via phone or email and they will be happy to assist with your project.