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Noce Tumbled Travertine

5th March 2014

By Martha McKenzie

I thought I would write about our Noce Tumbled Travertine. It is my favourite tumbled travertine tile that Floors of Stone offer.

Its beautiful woody, chocolate tones really offset and compliment other wooden furniture, oak beams and organic materials.

I love its rustic, tumbled edges and all the little pits and little craters you get to the front face of tile; I think it really aids the stones aged and rugged appearance.

It is a premium grade natural stone which means it is suitable for busy areas of the house and the colourings make it a very forgiving stone.

A customer kindly sent us some photos of their project, they used the Opus pattern; a pattern made up of smaller and larger squares and rectangles often called a ‘random pattern’ which I think also compliments the tiles rustic features. They chose to ‘slurry grout’ the tiles, which is the process grouting over the surface of the tile to partially fill the holes, a common decision which makes the travertine more practical whilst maintaining the worn appearance.

I like the Noce Tumbled Travertine so much I have personally used these tumbled travertine tiles for other decorative purposes that haven’t involved tiling. I recently got married in January and for my wedding my husband and I were looking to achieve a rustic/hessian/wood theme. We decided the Noce Tumbled Travertine Tiles would be perfect to use at place mats and as a base for the centre pieces. They again complimented the rustic theme perfectly and we got lots of compliments on the decor.

We have boxed the tiles back up for the mean while and are hoping to put them to good use once we have a house to lay them in. Hurrah for multipurpose tiles!


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