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We Have This Thing With Floors…

25th January 2016

By Hannah Livesley

Here at Floors of Stone we are a bit nerdy when it comes to floors so we love hearing about your upcoming renovation projects and exciting flooring ideas. I have never had to conquer a room or home renovation myself but I can imagine it is a journey full of highs and lows and one that takes a lot of time and thought.

From speaking to our customers at the start of their projects, there is nothing better than seeing the amazing results of a finished one. I was thrilled when one of our lovely customers sent in images from her recently renovated kitchen and the transformation was stunning!

She wanted her kitchen to reflect the country style with natural stone tiles which had soft tones and a rustic finish. You can see in the ‘before’ photo things look a little dark and busy, with the interestingly coloured tiles looking more suited for a retro 60’s home.

After knocking down the old cupboards and removing the patterned tiles the space was a blank canvas for her new and very beautiful kitchen to be installed.

The transformation! Our Worn Ivory Sandstone tiles laid in the Free Length pattern look perfect against the neutral tones of the kitchen cupboards and light marble worktops. Everyone in the Floors of Stone office was wowed by the beautiful results and the great choice of this sandstone works so well to create that country feel.

We also love how the old wooden beams had been kept and made into a feature, to create a room full of character.

Worn Ivory Sandstone features a naturally soft-textured surface, making it uniquely tactile and is very suited for busy areas of the home. The consistently pale colours range from ivory to light beige with the subtle presence of olive tones. These flagstone tiles can also be used externally and are a great choice for creating a seamless look, from the inside out. You can find more information over on our website here and order a free sample to be delivered straight to your home.

If you are planning or just about to complete a home renovation, we’d love to hear about it and see your photos. Please drop us an email ( or feel free to call us on 01509 234 000 for advice or to chat about your ideas.





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