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Worn Ivory Sandstone Tiles

An aged finish with a tumbled edge.

A creamy sandstone, gently ranging in colour from ivory to pale olive, featuring a beautifully soft textured surface finished by hand and occasionally incorporating some natural pitting.  It’s attractive rustic patina with smooth tumbled edges only improves with age.

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500 x FL x 20* - £72.00/m2

500 x FL x 20* - £72.00/m2

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Calibrated: Yes

Suitable for walls: No

Requires sealing: Yes

Suitable for external use: Yes

Worn Ivory Sandstone features a beautifully soft-textured surface and consistent pale colour, with some light natural pitting occasionally present on the surface. Its attractive rustic patina and smooth, dressed edges only improve with age. Colours range from light creamy tones through to pale olive. Slight rust coloured specks can also be present in the stone, due to iron mineral deposits. A hard-wearing flagstone, these tiles can be used both internally and externally.  Read our Worn Ivory Sandstone blog.

The subtlety of texture found in sandstone tiles set them apart from the pitted surface of many travertine tiles, and the more clean-cut, smooth finish of certain limestones. Small grains and layering are visible in the surface of Sandstone tiles, making it a uniquely tactile, naturally textured stone flooring option. Sandstone tiles are an excellent choice for kitchens and external patio areas.

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