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Varme Underfloor Heating Mats

This easy to install underfloor heating gives you controllable heating that is both economical and maintenance free. While the 150W/m2 mats provide ample heating in most rooms, for conservatories and other areas of high heat loss, you may want to consider the more powerful 200W/m2 mat.

Pack sizes range between 1m2 and 23m2. For other sizes, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

You will require your mat to be 85% of the area of your floor.


Mat Area 150W/m2 200W/m2
5m2 £215.00 £230.00
10m2 £320.00 £360.00
15m2 £490.00 £550.00
20m2 £585.00 -
23m2 £630.00 -