Cement Tile Installation and Cleaning Guidelines

It is recommended to use an installer who is experienced in the installation of cement tiles and to provide them with these recommended guidelines.


Use FOS Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner to ensure tiles are clean and dust free. To do so:

  • Dilute solution 1:10 with cool water

  • Work in manageable areas, apply the solution over the surface and leave for 15 minutes

  • Agitate the surface to remove dust and grime

  • Sponge up to extract released residues

  • Rinse with water and extract again. This should be repeated at least 2 times with fresh water and a clean sponge

  • Allow surfaces to dry before allowing traffic or sealing


Use FOS Natural Stone Sealer (Spirit or Water Based) to seal the tiles

  • Ensure surfaces are dry before you begin

  • Apply sealer to the surface of the tile and spread out evenly

  • Repeat the sealing process at hourly intervals until the tiles are completely saturated. Allow sealer to absorb naturally, leaving overnight

  • Grout in the joints and clean off any excess thoroughly. We recommend point grouting.

  • Once thoroughly clean and dry apply a final coat of sealer ensuring you cover the joints

  • Keep off the tiles for 2 hours and allow to dry for a minimum of 12 hours

Wax Protection (optional)

For high traffic areas we would recommend the use of FOS Ironwax Gloss Sealer To reduce to ease ongoing maintenance. This will alter the colour and give the tiles a shinier finish.

  • Apply a thin and even coat of FOS Ironwax Gloss Sealer making sure to cover grout joints as well.

  • Allow to dry for a minimum of 45 minutes. Do not rub or buff.

  • Apply further coats every hour until the desired finish has been achieved (max 6)

  • Keep off the tiles for 2 hours and allow to dry for a minimum of 12 hours.

  • Keep as dry as possible for 3 days.


Use FOS Stone & Tile Aftercare Cleaner for regular cleaning

  • Dilute 1 capful of cleaner for 1 litre of warm or cool water

  • Mop surfaces using a microfibre or string mop

  • There is no need to rinse

  • Leave surfaces to dry naturally

  • Keep off surfaces until they are completely dry

NB: This information is offered without guarantee. The material should be used so as to take account of the local conditions and the surfaces to be treated. In case of doubt, the product should be tried out in an inconspicuous area.