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Black Soho Limestone

Distressed surface and edge

A distressed black limestone, ideally sized for laying in a herringbone pattern. This hard-wearing stone can be used both internally and externally.

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250 x 70 x 15 - £100.00/m2

250 x 70 x 15 - £100.00/m2

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Calibrated: Yes

Suitable for walls: Yes in most cases, please check with your tiler for suitability

Requires sealing: Yes

Suitable for external use: Yes

This sumptuous limestone has colours ranging from dark black to charcoal to lighter grey and is ideal for creating a feature floor. The shape of the Black Soho Limestone tiles make it perfect for laying in a stylish herringbone pattern, but it can also be laid in a variety of other patterns to work in both contemporary and more traditional settings. The distressed finish leaves some tiles with a heavily textured surface and other tiles with a very smooth finish to create a naturally weathered appearance. This Black Soho Limestone is extremely hard wearing and can be used both internally and externally. 

Our selection of limestone tiles offers a large variety of colours, sizes and finishes. Customers often perceive limestone to be a pale, chalky colour but in reality, there is something to suit most interiors. Our limestone range is available in a range of formats with large flagstones proving hugely popular for those seeking a traditional flagstone floor which looks centuries old, to large square tiles for those seeking an ultra-modern, contemporary look with minimal grout lines. Limestone is a sedimentary rock which has been formed over many years and it often contains beautifully preserved fossils, mottling and natural variation.

Or call our knowledgeable staff
on 01509 234000