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Parisian Chequer Marble

Brushed with a tumbled edge

The Parisian White and Parisian Black Marble come together perfectly to create this classic floor, ideal for those who want to introduce a little grandeur to their home. The tumbled edge creates a slightly softer finish and gives the appearance of a reclaimed stone. 

Please note, we are currently out of stock of the Parisian White Marble and new stock isn't due in until the new year. If you are interested or have any questions, please speak to our sales team.

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400 x 400 x 20 - £90.00/m2
White 400 x 400 x 20 - £90.00/m2
Black 400 x 400 x 20 - £90.00/m2

from £90.00/m2

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Further information

Calibrated: Yes

Suitable for walls: No

Requires sealing: Yes

Suitable for external use: No

Stylish and elegant, the Parisian Chequer Marble is perfect for creating a statement floor. The softly tumbled edges of the Parisian White and Parisian Black Marble that make up the design give the appearance of a reclaimed stone, stopping the floor from being overly formal and more suitable for everyday use. The Parisian White Marble has delicate grey and pale pink veining throughout with areas of quartz that catch in the light. It sits beautifully against the black/grey tones and striking gold and copper veins of the Parisian Black Marble and together they give a wonderfully classic finish. 

Marble is a classic stone, often seen in grand buildings and is now an affordable option for your home. Loved for its rich patternation with contrasting veins, quartz and mottling, marble is a luxurious stone that adds sophistication to any interior space. High gloss and honed varieties exude quality whilst tumbled tiles have a more rustic, soft finish.

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