The deVOL Journal

European Travels

9th October 2023

By Ellie Partridge

At the beginning of July, I spent the week away exploring different cities across Europe. This was a surprise holiday my partner had planned for my birthday.

Firstly, we spent a night in Cambridge just so we were closer to the airport for the next day as we were flying from Stanstead. We spent the day exploring the city centre and trying lots of food. We stopped off at a café called Aromi that sold pizzas, cakes, and arancini balls. The food was incredible, and the pizza was by far one of the best I have ever tasted. Next, we went to a bar called The Tivoli that had a mini golf course. We played a game and, of course, I won! To put an end to our busy day out, we went to Revolution for a few drinks and some more food to fill us up ready for our travels the next day.

Our next destination was Nice, France. As soon as we landed, we were met with the most beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, due to landing so late we didn’t have much time at all to explore as the next day we had planned to get the train into Monaco. Moving onto Monaco, the first thing we had to do was of course walk around the Monte Carlo F1 circuit. It was incredible seeing the track in person and its much bigger compared to what you see on the TV.

We then planned to get some lunch from a lovely restaurant that had delicious fresh pasta. The bill after was slightly eye-watering though! One thing I will mention about Monaco is that it is incredibly expensive. Due to this we did a lot of sight seeing and walking which was still amazing as we got to explore the Prince’s Palace, the Casino, and all the high-end shops. Plenty of super cars were spotted while we were here too! One thing we did do though, was visit the Aquarium. This was gigantic and held so many different types of sea life that I never knew existed.

We then hopped on a train straight back to Nice Airport to get to our next destination, Barcelona. Our first outing was to Park Güell. This is quite famous in Barcelona, and this was no surprise as the park was very picturesque.

During the afternoon, we jumped on the Metro to Barcelona FC Stadium.  Unfortunately, the stadium was under construction, so we couldn’t have a tour of it however, the Museum of the club was so interesting. Next, we visited the Sagrada Familia which is a huge church under construction. A little fun fact is that it is the largest unfinished catholic church in the world. At the end of our jam-packed day, we ended up in a small Mexican Restaurant located down a very scenic side street.

Our last destination, but by no means least, was Italy. We woke up at 3am to catch a 2-hour flight then after a long coach journey from the airport we had finally arrived in the city of Turin. We spent the day here exploring the city centre, including a majestic water fountain and of course all the shops including a massive Lego shop. Soon after, we went on a stadium tour of Juventus Football Club’s stadium. The ground was incredible and definitely one of the biggest I’ve seen so far.

To continue our day of touring, we went to a car museum called The Museo Nazionale dell ‘Automobile. This was so interesting as it included some of the first ever F1 Racing cars and how they have advanced over time.

We finished the day at the hotel’s spa and went for a meal at the fancy restaurant they had there. The next day, we travelled to Milan where we looked around all the fancy shops including a Lamborghini clothing shop. Around the corner we saw the most impressive cathedral I have ever seen called Duomo di Milano. To finish off our amazing trip, we went for dinner at Gino D’acampo’s Italian Restaurant. It only felt right to finish with Italian cuisine!

I would definitely recommend going on a tour around Europe as I had the most remarkable time and got to explore so many new places, I can’t wait to book the next one!