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The deVOL Journal

A New Lease of Life

2nd June 2016

By Ben Cherry

Working at Cotes Mill is great! I often walk around the antiques part of the showroom to get some ideas and inspiration as to what I can create or use in my own home. I have recently become more interested in giving old furniture a new lease of life.

deVOL have a huge range of tables, both large and small, however this table caught my eye. I liked the way the top was stripped back and the base was painted a different colour. I was given an old table and chairs and hoped I could create a similar effect.

As you can see, the finish on the table and chairs is very dark and a bit dull. I hoped that with a little bit of paint and a decent sander, I would be able to achieve a similar look. I was able to sand both the chairs and the table back to bare wood giving a fresh start to paint.

Once the top layer had been stripped back it revealed a lovely light wood underneath, which was the perfect colour. I did the same with the chairs, however this was a little trickier as I had to take them apart to allow me to sand them down.

After applying a chalk paint to the base of the table and chairs, I was able to create a finished look that I am happy with. Finally, the chairs were reupholstered to give them a new lease of life.

If you can have the time, our showrooms are a great place to come and browse and be inspired, we have plenty on offer. Check out our Pinterest page as well for more inspiring ideas


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