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The deVOL Journal

At One with Nature

9th September 2016

By Charlie McEnery

Although the August bank holiday weekend is now a distant memory, I would love to tell you all about my weekend… Although I was working on Saturday of the bank holiday weekend I wanted to make the most of my time off and have a little fun. What better way to escape from hectic day-to-day life than to go camping!

It was very last minute on Friday evening when my friend and I decided to get away, we managed to find an amazing looking campsite on the internet, and after a few clicks we were booked.

Straight after work on Saturday we packed, had a quick stop for a cheeky Nandos and we set off for our 3 hour journey to the beautiful Conwy in Snowdonia, Wales! By the time we crossed the England/Wales border it was pitch black outside. All we could see were the glowing cat’s eyes down the winding, hilly roads with nothing but the dark shadows of the trees on the roadside.

We finally arrived at the campsite around 10pm, it was drizzling outside and we had the task of finding a pitch and setting up camp! Although it was very dark and a little wet we managed to set up and go to sleep with little trouble….

That is until the mighty roar of the thunder, the gushing rain hitting our tent, flashes of bright light from the fork lightening and then drops of water hitting my forehead (we may have left the top of the tent open…. ooopps, we won’t be doing that again!). I have never heard thunder like it in my life, it was so exciting and admittedly a little frightening.

In the morning the storm had passed, I had a little peek out of our tent door… and it was AMAZING! We were surrounded by beautiful mountains, fields, chickens and sheep! It was absolutely breathtaking and totally unexpected. Because we arrived in utter darkness we had no idea we had such a fantastic view!

We spent our Sunday waking and driving through the mountains enjoying the scenery, lakes, waterfalls and lots and lots of sheep.

We stumbled across this amazing lake!

This is my favourite cheeky sheep eating grass without a care in the world on the side of the road.

Because our plans were so last minute, we didn’t have time to prepare ourselves to walk up Mount Snowdon so instead planned on getting the train up the mountain but unfortunately there wasn’t any space on the train so my friend and I decided to zip wire through the mountains on Monday instead! It was so fun, such a fantastic experience.

Me waiting for my decent at the top of the zip wire (ahhhhhhh).

Before that we stopped off at the ‘Ugly House’ Tea rooms for a coffee and a slice of cake, we enjoyed the sun in the garden and the fresh country air.

A beautiful house on the river.

Snowdonia is such fantastic place and a perfect escape from our busy lives, I would highly recommend visiting and we can’t wait to go back and climb Mount Snowdon!!!


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