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Beautiful Cotes Mill

25th May 2017

By Sophie Mitchell

As I sit at my desk bathed in a little pool of sunlight, looking out over the pretty mill pond, with the scent of freshly mown grass in the air I, for a moment, forget I’m at work. Even our showroom has been looking positively Mediterranean, twinkling in the sunshine streaming in through the windows.

This time of year is my favourite at the Mill. Baby birds start appearing, the sun is shining, all of our beautiful flowers start blooming and everyone just seems to be in a great mood. This year we have a little family of geese who’ve taken up residence beside the mill pond, the little fluffy goslings are so cute to watch!

Customers have been enjoying the weather too, exploring the grounds and then coming into the mill to cool down. Top tip – if you’re really hot go and look at the antiques in the cellar, it’s always cool in there! We’ve got lots of benches dotted around the grounds, so you can sit and take in the surroundings and we’ve been taking full advantage of them at lunch time. If you do bring a picnic with you though, be aware you may make some instant friends!

Inside the mill, you are greeted with a beautiful scene no matter where you go. Helen, deVOL’s creative Director, does an amazing job at keeping the showrooms looking fresh and new. Recently, deVOL have renovated the Mill House and it now contains a Shaker kitchen painted in their sophisticated new Printer’s Black colour, along with a rather striking San Simone quartzite worktop. There’s also lots of treasures to find amongst the kitchen displays, so it’s well worth a visit.

We’ve just added our new Planks & Parquet displays to the showroom, and they can be found up on the mezzanine. They’re already proving to be popular, with the display boards making them easy to pick up and move around so customer can see how they look against different colours and furniture.

You may see our lovely ceramicist Hannah out and about in the grounds a little more over the summer. The ceramics studio, a cosy haven in the winter, becomes a little unbearable on a hot, sunny day. That’s not to say she hasn’t been hard at work though. After lots of experimenting to make the perfect shade, she’s created some gorgeous tiles in the most exquisite blush pink colour. They’ve been a massive hit on social media and we hope to create and add some more tempting glazes if pink isn’t quite your thing.

If you want to explore Cotes Mill for yourself, you’re more than welcome. We’re open 8:30am-5pm weekdays and 10am-5pm Saturdays.

As for me, I’m dragging myself away from the view to put the final touches to our new brochure, which you will be able to order in the next few weeks!



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