The deVOL Journal

Chapel Barn Cottage

18th July 2023

By Molly Cherry

Around a month ago now, myself and our photography team had the absolute pleasure of heading to the Lincolnshire countryside to photograph some of our Limestone flooring. The owners, Jonathan and Alice, were extremely welcoming and invited us into their charming home for a little tour before we got started. They showed us around the ground floor of the cottage explaining the renovation work they had undertaken which we were all completely fascinated by. Where their kitchen now stood was previously run-down garages and barns so this impressive space had undergone a major transformation to get it to what it is today.

When we stepped into the kitchen we were all completely blown away by the true beauty of this space. Luckily for us, it was the most glorious sunny day which really made the kitchen come to life! The combination of a flagstone floor against the very impressive brickwork really highlighted the rustic nature of this space, whilst still maintaining a slight contemporary feel. Jonathan and Alice had a huge floor space to cover so getting the flooring right was a big part of their design process and decision making. After several samples from us and a visit to our showroom at Cotes Mill, they settled on our Jaipur Brushed Limestone in the 500xFL (freelength) size. Personally, I believe this was the perfect flooring choice to complement their kitchen and couldn’t have picked a better floor to work in this space. The wonderful thing about our Jaipur Brushed Limestone is that it has an extremely authentic quality to it which gives the impression that a floor has been laid for centuries, just what this room needed! The distressed surface and tumbled edges of this stone really furthers the impression of an old, time-worn floor rather than looking like a brand new floor that had been laid just a year or so ago.

For their kitchen, they chose to go with our sister company deVOL Kitchens and opted for one of their Shaker kitchens in the very popular Mushroom colour. The muted tones of their cabinetry really complemented the mix of earthy tones within our limestone tiles and gave the perfect contrast between the two. They also chose deVOL’s Aged Brass fittings and fixtures for their cabinetry as well as a very beautiful copper worktop for their impressive island.

In the corner of their kitchen was this beautiful little café-style set up, the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by with your morning cup of coffee. The long run of windows allowed the light to flood the space, creating a bright and welcoming family kitchen and dining/ living space.

As well as the kitchen space, we were delighted to discover that our Jaipur Brushed Limestone had also been used in their utility room. Whilst smaller than the kitchen, we were equally as impressed with yet another beautiful space they had managed to create. Again, they opted for deVOL’s cabinetry in here but this time had chosen their Scullery Yellow paint to add a pop of colour. The Jaipur Brushed Limestone features very subtle yellow tones which were really highlighted by the warm and cheerful cabinetry colour. Another wonderful combination! The traditional butchers block was a real nod to the original characteristics found throughout this cottage.

It’s safe to say, we were all overly impressed with this project and one like none of us had quite seen before. It was very obvious from the moment we stepped inside that Jonathan and Alice had put a lot of time, thought and dedication into this project as the end result really speaks for itself. Planning a huge kitchen renovation like this takes some serious thought and for Jonathan and Alice, this has really paid off. We’re very grateful to have had the pleasure of visiting this sublime cottage and we wish them all the best with the rest of their renovations and we very much look forward to seeing further progress with Chapel Barn Cottage.