The deVOL Journal

Dove Grey Tumbled Limestone

18th January 2016

By Max Whitfield


I’ve been working at Floors of Stone for just over two months now (If you can call it work, I’ve loved every second!). I thought it was about time I contributed to our wonderful blog.

Our tile range is always growing and we were keen to take advantage of the slightly quieter Christmas period by changing a display in our beautiful showroom.  We put up our new Dove Grey Tumbled Limestone 600×400. This is a beautiful grey limestone peppered with dark grey and ivory mineral detail. It is a very durable, practical stone, which is suitable for both internal and external applications.

Firstly, we had to remove the current display safely.  We chiselled the old tiles off, ever wary of trying to keep the substrate in as best a condition as possible.  In some circumstances you may find your substrate will need replacing but lucky for us, we were left with a lovely blank canvas to tile to.  Once dust free and primed, the tiles were ready to be applied to the wall.

All of our natural stone requires cleaning and sealing. The recommended method is to lay the tiles and then clean them, seal and grout, then when you finish cleaning off your grout residue, you seal again. It’s advised to give your tiles a really good clean prior to sealing, as this ensures no quarry dust is locked in, as this can cause residue to affect the look of the tiles.  We used SEALAStone Powerclean to help lift the dust, this can also be used as a day to day cleaner for your tiles.

The adhesive was mechanically mixed and then hand spread across the wall using a trowel, the tiles were then applied to the wall level and straight (hopefully!).  This display is only four tiles and most of you lovely customers would be purchasing tiles for the floor, but the basics of tiling are the same.

Once the adhesive had set, the tiles were ready to be grouted. After deciding on a suitable colour, grouting is a very simple and fun job! There was some debate on using a grey grout colour which would flow with the tile or a lighter contrasting ivory. We decided on ivory, personally I find the contrast in colours is a great way of making an impact with the grout. Applying the grout can be messy but once you get going it’s surprising how quick it is to cover a large area. Cleaning off the grout residue is important to get a good finish on the project. Once the final coat of seal is applied, the display is complete, and I think you would have to agree the final results are outstanding!

The Dove Grey Tumbled Limestone is now live on our website, and you can order samples, request a quotation or buy the stone here.