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Georgetown, Malaysia

15th June 2016

By Emily Thompson

Before I started working for Floors of Stone I spent 5 months travelling around SE Asia and had such an amazing time! One of my favourite places I visited is Georgetown in Malaysia which is renowned for its delicious food, street art, and colonial style buildings. When exploring this vibrant city, I found myself taking lots of photos of the beautiful tiles in the walkways of the buildings, little did I know that I would be working with tiles only a few months later!

I love the patterns on these tiles – the photo above reminds me of tiled hallways found in Victorian houses. There is something so simple and sophisticated about this style that would add a touch of class to any home. The tiles in the photo below have an art deco vibe and I can imagine them being laid in a luxurious home from the 1920s.

Many of the buildings around Georgetown have these arched walkways which are beautifully elegant – the gold detail on the solid wood door is typical of many designs around the city.  We were there during the rainy season so they proved very useful when there were huge downpours. One day, the rain was so heavy that the road we were staying on flooded and we almost missed our boat to the island of Langkawi!

Georgetown is a photographer’s paradise and one of my favourite things about the city is the street art – it’s amazing! The artists combine painted images with different objects like bikes, umbrellas, a basketball hoop, and even a swing set.  You will usually find a group of people gathered around each piece of art work as it is one of the most popular aspects of the city. Georgetown has so many cool cafes, quirky shops, and fantastic places to eat – the diverse culture of the city ensures a variety of amazing food and you can find something for everyone’s taste.

If you are visiting Malaysia, make sure to visit Georgetown – you won’t be disappointed!


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