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9th June 2015

By Martha McKenzie

At Floors of Stone not only am I lucky enough to work in a lovely historic building, but I am also lucky enough to be good friends with my colleagues too. Me and Tom decided to go on an adventure to Inverness. Tom’s Mum grew up in Inverness and my Dad’s from Aberdeen so it seemed like a good place to get to our roots.

Tom isn’t really a morning person

To awaken his sleepy spirits, as soon as we arrived at the airport we ordered a large breakfast and a hearty drink and indulged in a bit of people watching. When we got to our plane it was a tiny little shuttle with tiny propellers (for some reason this amused us no end).

Once we arrived in Inverness, we went straight to the beautiful town and had a wonder through it’s delicious bakeries and pretty little shops.  The weather was a little temperamental the whole time we were away and the river Ness that runs through the city broke it’s banks and flooded the surrounding areas. I of course in true diva style, I made sure that all the locals were aware of their impending danger!

That night we decided to brave the blustery winds and go out for dinner, duly we ate our weight in tasty grub (one of our favourite pastimes), delicious!

The next day, Tom took me to a cafe called Girvans, it was probably one of the nicest breakfast’s I have ever had! If you ever find yourself in Inverness we’d highly recommend it:

We decided to go bowling after breakfast. Tom absolutely thrashed me (beginners luck perhaps?), much hilarity ensued mocking each others bowling poses, apparently I have a lovely curtsy!

On our last day, we decided to wander back into town and spent the day investigating the shops, and playing cards in the local pub. We went out for dinner at a beautiful and quaint local restaurant/bar called “The Castle Tavern”. The service and food was spot on and it was a perfect way to finish off a lovely weekend! Thank you tom 😀 x


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