The deVOL Journal

Jaipur Brushed Limestone

17th December 2021

By Beth Whitten

Our Jaipur Brushed Limestone has been a favourite for many years now. This timeless Indian limestone is not only loved by our customers, but by ourselves as well.

One of my favourite things about the Jaipur Brushed Limestone is the blend of colours it introduces to a room. It has very soft and earthy tones – the dusky grey shades are gently warmed by sandy browns and sage greens. The texture is also rather fascinating, it is smooth yet also has a great deal of texture – this is thanks to its softly brushed, riven surface. The surface is complemented by its tumbled edges, making it a great traditional looking floor. It effortlessly fills a room with character.

Not only is this a beautiful natural stone, but incredibly hardwearing too. Although it is softer than some other natural stones, it is still very durable and great for places which are prone to heavy footfall. The differing colours allow smaller bits of dirt or dust to be slightly masked. Most people choose this tile for a kitchen but it really does look great in all areas of the home – including outside!

It also doesn’t come with the massive price tag which some other flagstone tiles do. The Jaipur Brushed Limestone is priced at just £46.00 per m2 and comes in a grand opus pattern. The grand opus pattern is a mixture of small and large squares and rectangles which repeat across the floor in a set pattern – this can contribute to a more rustic finish. The larger format tiles allow a big area to broken up but not look too busy.

If I had my own house, I would definitely choose to have the Jaipur Brushed Limestone throughout an open plan kitchen/dining area, looking out onto the garden with bifold doors. I love mixing classic and modern designs to create a unique look. I would pair this floor with warm, greyish taupe cabinets and then add pops of colour when accessorising. Looking at deVOL’s paint range, the shade Mushroom would be perfect for the cabinets. When thinking about accessories, I would choose gold, greys, blues and greens to complement both the flooring and cabinets.