The deVOL Journal

New year, new tiles!

6th January 2022

By Beth Whitten

What better way to start a new year than to introduce you all to our newest product, the beautiful Multicolour Slate Porcelain. This new-generation porcelain adds warmth and character to any room with its collection of colours and lightly textured surface. It has been designed to replicate a natural slate floor which means you get everything that a natural floor offers, and more!

I was amazed when I first saw these tiles laid, I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t really slate – the colours and texture are definitely to thank for this. They have a selection of colours ranging from dark grey to warm russet, much the same as you would see from a natural slate tile. They also have a lightly riven surface which gives the tiles some depth.

A lot of people question the benefits of choosing a porcelain tile over natural stone tiles, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore the advantages.

  1. Less maintenance – Porcelain tiles require a lot less maintenance than slate and other natural stones. As they are less porous, it means they won’t need sealing and then resealing over time. Of course, you can still choose to seal porcelain tiles but it isn’t required. This also means they are less likely to stain as they will not absorb water like natural material does. You can steam clean porcelain too and, although we still recommend using something PH neutral, you don’t have to be as careful with what you are using to clean your floor with.
  2. Great for external use – Porcelain is not only great inside; it looks and works wonderfully outside too. These tiles are less likely to be affected by weathering, for example, being bleached by the sun or cracked due to frost, this means they stay looking new for longer.
  3. Hardwearing – Porcelain is perfect for using in high traffic environments which makes them desirable for all spaces around your home. The Multicolour Slate Porcelain is highly resistant to wear and breakage, even against things like rough nails of pets. As they are manufactured, they are designed to hold up really well and last for years.
  4. Lighter in weight – Porcelain tiles are usually a lot lighter than many natural stone tiles; this means you are likely to reduce delivery costs by choosing them. Our hauliers charge by the pallet and so weight is really important when looking into the costs involved with delivery. Our new Multicolour Slate Porcelain fits more on a pallet than any of our other slate tiles, this means it would be likely to reduce delivery costs if you are thinking of buying a larger quantity.

For more information, or if you would like a sample posting out of our brand new porcelain, please get in touch either via phone by calling, 01509 234000 or drop us an email at,