The deVOL Journal


29th July 2022

By Ellie Morton

Our porcelain tiles are a favourable option for customers who are looking for flooring that is not only beautiful but also highly practical. We find that our porcelain tiles continue to please both contemporary spaces through to the most traditional interiors. 

If natural stone or wood flooring is not the right choice for you or suitable for your project, our stone-effect and wood-effect porcelain tiles are a perfect alternative. Our porcelain tiles allow you to bring the luxurious feel of natural stone or wood flooring to your home, with the added bonus of being durable and requiring minimal upkeep. Most recently we have been excited to welcome our Dukeswood Porcelain and Grey Slate Porcelain tiles to our flooring collection. 

Grey Slate Porcelain

600 x 900 x 10 – £50.00/m2

Creating indoor environments that incorporate materials traditionally associated with the outdoors continues to be ever popular, making slate flooring a timeless classic. The square edge gives a sleek and contemporary feel, whilst still containing the traditional features of natural slate, such as variation in colour, tone and texture, meaning this tile could be the perfect option for any space you are looking to create. Our Grey Slate Porcelain can also be used externally, providing customers the opportunity to create seamless finishes between their indoor and outdoor spaces. Due to the lighter weight of these porcelain tiles, they are suitable to be installed as flooring and also as wall tiles, making these a popular choice for bathrooms too. Just like all of our other porcelain tiles, this one will provide you with the look and feel of natural stone, without the maintenance. 

Dukeswood Porcelain

600 x 600 x 9.5 – £56.00/m2

Since introducing our wood-effect porcelain range to our flooring collection, we have found this to be a particularly popular option for customers who want the look and feel of genuine ageing wood for their interior, but are worried about the practicality of this decision. Due to this, we decided it was time to add to our wood-effect porcelain collection, providing a tile with a unique pattern that we believe can offer both grandeur to a period property, whilst also suiting the most contemporary spaces when paired with simple styling. When customers visit our showroom they are often surprised to find that, as they run their hand over the tile, it’s surface varies in texture and the feel is comparable to a genuine wood floor. As well as this, the subtle variations in tone and matt finish further add to the authenticity of this wood-effect tile. 

If you think that our Grey Slate Porcelain or our Dukeswood Porcelain may be the right tile option for you, then do not forget that you can order free samples, visit our showroom or call 01509 234000 to speak to a member of our sales team, to help with your decision making process.