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Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020

20th January 2020

By Molly Platts

You may remember my blog from a few years back about Pantone’s colour of the year. For those who haven’t heard or read about this, I will give you a brief explanation. The Pantone company is based in New Jersey and is best known for its colour matching system which is used across graphic design, fashion, interiors, printing and manufacturing. For the past 20 years, Pantone has chosen a colour which they declare as the ‘Colour of the Year’ and a colour which they feel will be a real feature of that year. So, I thought I would share this year’s colour with you – Classic Blue. A simple, yet elegant colour which works so well in a whole array of ways which we have plenty of evidence of here at Floors of Stone.

The first product we have which ties in beautifully with this year’s colour are our gorgeous Indian Peacock Blue Handmade Tiles. These charming tiles contain a variety of blues ranging from a lighter, jewel-like blue to a deeper, classical blue – perfect, right?! Our very talented ceramicist, Hannah, makes these tiles on-site in our ceramics studio here at Cotes Mill and has developed the glaze recipe herself after much careful thought and consideration. The lead times on orders for our handmade tiles is between 4-6 weeks so if you are interested in purchasing these, or would like to see a sample, feel free to email us at

Indian Peacock Blue Handmade Tiles

Cotes Mill Ceramics Studio

In spring 2019 we introduced our exquisite Raku tiles which we feel are different to anything else on the market. These beautiful splashback tiles are created using traditional Japanese techniques which consists of a low-firing process whereby the ceramics are removed from the kiln whilst still extremely hot and quickly transferred to a container containing combustible materials. It is this temperature change which causes the cracking and crazing across the tiles. If you would like to fit in with the Classic Blue colour this year, then our Raku Sienna tiles are a perfect choice. With rich shades of navy, amber and chestnut, these cosy colours will bring a real sense of warmth to your home. Due to the traditional methods used, each tile is hand finished making each one of them truly unique. As well as the Raku Sienna, we also stock the Raku Aurora and Raku Georgette – priced at just £6 and £7 per tile respectively.

Raku Sienna Splashback Tiles

As well as our range of tiles to fit in with Pantone’s colour of the year, our sister company, deVOL Kitchens, have the perfect option if you’re considering purchasing a new kitchen this year. Their Pantry Blue shaker kitchen colour is one of my personal favourites but also seems to be very popular amongst customers too. A truly classical colour which complements almost all of our flooring options ranging from light travertine, to grey limestone to dark parquet blocks. One of my favourite deVOL projects is the ‘Leicestershire in the Woods’ kitchen which featured a Pantry Blue shaker kitchen. They decided to go for a fairly simplistic look but kept a wonderful and authentic ambience. They paired their Pantry Blue kitchen with our timeless Worn Grey Limestone for that added character. They chose to lay the tiles in our free length pattern which offers a mixture of lengths to add to the look of a time-worn floor. To view more images from this beautiful project, you can find them here.

Pantry Blue shaker kitchen with our Worn Grey Limestone

Pantry Blue shaker kitchen with our Light Tumbled Travertine

Pantry Blue kitchen with our Chatsworth Oak Parquet

I hope you feel a little more inspired for the upcoming year after reading this blog and maybe even considering adding a little bit of blue to your home. If you do have any queries or questions about our products or projects you are about to embark on, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on, 01509 234000.


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