The deVOL Journal

Reasons to visit Cotes Mill

1st June 2023

By Ellie Partridge

Have you ever visited our beautiful showroom here at Cotes Mill? Well, if not, here are my top reasons why you should.

To begin with, Cotes Mill is a grade II listed, 16th Century water mill located on the banks of the River Soar in Leicestershire, meaning there is a lot of history to be told. The first recording of its existence was in 1086 in the Domesday Survey. Originally, the mill was the lower mill of the two mills in the parish of Loughborough. They both belonged to the crown and were known as the King’s Mills. Cotes Mill became part of the Prestwold Estate in 1810. Fast forward 170 years, in 1980, Everards Brewery purchased Cotes Mill and it became a Pub and Restaurant until 2007, a popular destination for bikers to stop off. In 2012, the founder of Floors of Stone & deVOL Kitchens, Paul O’Leary, purchased the building and renovated it into the characterful flooring and kitchen showroom it is today. One of the main, and most impressive features, in our flooring showroom is the natural stone spiral staircase.  Our elegant spiral staircase was nominated for a Natural Stone Award in 2014 by the Stone Federation of Great Britain. A little fun fact about this is that it is the first self-supporting stone spiral staircase in the UK!

Our Light Jerusalem Tumbled Limestone in the 600x900mm size

Moving on, Cotes Mill holds four floors of impressive kitchen showrooms. Included is a range of gorgeous antiques dotted around the showrooms that are available to purchase. To start with, our Floors of Stone showroom is located at the very opening of Cotes Mill so you can’t miss us. The flooring laid in here is our Light Jerusalem Tumbled Limestone in the 600x900mm size. Followed, is a mezzanine located above our showroom which showcases deVOL’S Haberdasher’s kitchen range complimented by our Blackden Oak Planks. Here you will also find a display of our Slate flooring range. Down in the cellar of Cotes Mill is where you will find a lot of the antiques and here you can also find our Worn Grey Limestone laid in the 560 x FL size.

The Haberdasher’s Kitchen by deVOL featuring our Blackden Oak Planks

We have a beautiful part of the showroom called The Mill House Kitchen which features our Terracotta Tiles in the 200×200 size finished with the Antique Beeswax. As well as having gorgeous interior spaces here at Cotes Mill, we also have delightful outdoor spaces that you can explore. At the front of the building as you enter the showroom, we have our Tumbled Antiqued Ash Limestone in the 500 x FL size, greeting you as you come in. We have a lovely patio with antique seating which is a perfect spot for lunch during the summer months as it is such a sun trap! Our Dijon Tumbled Limestone tiles are laid here in the grand opus pattern which works nicely in bigger spaces. Coming off from the patio, is a pathway leading to a bridge over the river, passing the peacock pen on the way by. My personal favourite outdoor space at Cotes Mill is the secret garden. This little area is hidden through a wooden doorway and is so serene and the sound of the animals living here makes it so peaceful. Our unique Reclaimed Tiles are dotted around here with the majority being used to frame a very impressive water feature. Cotes Mill’s is also home to a variety of animals so, if you’re an animal lover too, there are even more reasons to come and visit us. Our showroom is open Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm and Saturdays 10:00-5:00pm.