The deVOL Journal

Reclaimed Tiles

29th October 2019

By Sophie Mitchell

We’ve been working on a few secret projects recently, and this is the first of them to come to fruition. We are so excited to release our new collection of reclaimed tiles!

These gorgeous rescued tiles have been sourced from Spain: tracked down, salvaged and given a new lease of life. We’ve worked with experts to find and collect the very best tiles, true treasures in great condition and in a myriad of beautiful patterns and colours.

This is such an exciting new project for us, being able to offer our customers something truly, exquisitely unique makes us so happy. We love helping you create a home that reflects your personality and make it that little more special.

These beautiful tiles hark from days when creating them was a true craft. Not something that’s churned out from a factory at a rate of thousands of sqm. Each one has personality, from years of people walking across them, being gently aged and weathered, the odd nick or missing corner despite being carefully excavated. It gives them a story, character, a patina that can never be recreated. Some of these tiles come from long-forgotten buildings, joyously unearthed and brought back to life. They might be the only ones of their kind in the whole world – how amazing is that to think they could be in your home, sharing their history and creating new memories in their patterned faces.

The possibilities of these tiles are endless – they are such a fun way to get a bit creative. Although the patterns are ornate, they’re still classic and have longevity, they’ve already grown old gracefully, patiently waiting to become a much-loved feature in a new home. You could use them in a porch, a boot room, downstairs loo, as a splashback, a fire surround, a border, even a whole kitchen floor if you’re brave enough! Each is a little piece of art in itself, I could even imagine framing some, or using them as a tabletop. How amazing would they look as a swimming pool surround! Or on a terrace area, covered in pots and plants, a little bistro table. I’m getting carried away!

There is so much beauty to be found in these tiles, from the depth of colour in some, to the more pastel tones of others. Some covered in intricate patterns, others with only the subtlest of touches. The authenticity of these tiles can never be recreated. No two tiles quite the same. Their flaws only adding to their charm and character.

We have a selection displayed on our website here, and you are, of course, very welcome to visit us here at Cotes Mill to peruse our full collection. We only have a small amount of some of the patterns, which are sure to get snapped up quickly, so if you have your heart set on them do get in touch with us straight away. If you can’t make the trip to our showroom, then we’re happy to send across lots of pictures so you can get a good feel for them. And make sure you follow us on social media for updates on when we receive new batches.