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The deVOL Journal

Spring is in the Air!

19th February 2016

By Sophie Mitchell

It’s been a very exciting few weeks here at Cotes Mill, with lots of projects on the go. All the excitement has been heightened by the very definite signs that spring is on the way – no more waking up and getting home in the dark, yay!

There’s lots of signs of life popping up all over the grounds, and this bed of pretty little snowdrops makes me smile every time I look out of my window. Their little heads bob in the breeze, making it look as if they’re waving at us from the other side of the mill pond.

Now the weather is getting a little better, our resident animals, including chickens, peacocks, swans and guniea fowl have been becoming a bit braver and venturing further and further into the grounds. We love watching them and seeing what they’re getting up to – they’re so inquisitive and can often be seen peering in through the windows checking out what’s going on in the showroom.

The guniea fowl are a favourite in the office, they have such funny little characters.

Ginger Biscuit is definitely the leader of the gang!

Spring has also been inspiring our latest venture, our handmade ceramic tiles. Hannah has been busy collecting flowers and flora from around the grounds to be used in her beautiful tiles. These are some of my favourite designs, and I can definitely picture them as a splashback in one of deVOL’s kitchens. They’re so simple, yet so beautiful and Hannah has put so much work into creating the perfect tile size and design.

Finally, I can’t finish my blog without mentioning our latest additions to our Cotes Mill family, these very cute, very sweet fallow deer. They arrived yesterday from way up in the Highlands, amongst much excitement, and have been release into their lovely big enclosure in the grounds. They are still very timid and getting used to their new home, but we hope they’re going to love it here. We have a doe, two doe fawns, a buck fawn and a slightly older buck.

Please say hello to Nancy, Namby, Pamby, Bambi and Leon!


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