The deVOL Journal

Summer sale continues…

16th June 2015

By Tom Hollingsworth

The brilliant offers at Floors of Stone continues, this time we are focusing on the beautifully traditional Umbrian Limestone.

This Indian stone is rich with autumn colours, a vibrant limestone that exudes warmth and sophistication.

With endless possibilities of where to lay this particular tile it is most commonly laid in kitchens and hallways to ensure that it the focal point of the home.

Our 400 x Freelength x 20mm size has been included within our large discount ranges, a price reduction taking this size down to only £42 per m2 inclusive of VAT makes this particular size a much more affordable option.

With the freelength design you are able to create a timeless flagstone finish, the same width but varying lengths when combined with the dominant hand dressed edge results in a floor that appears to have been laid for years. The riven and brushed surface also complements this long established look, the dips and texture of the tile creates the illusion of a gentle patina that has worn away at parts of the surface of the tile over the years.

Umbrian has been one of the most popular tiles at Floors of Stone for many years now. We believe that this is due not only to the beautiful colouring but also because of the versatility of the stone. The tile can be placed internally and externally so fits perfectly in projects where the continuation of the internal flooring to the outside is paramount to achieving the infinity look that is currently dominant in home design.