The deVOL Journal

Terracotta Parquet

12th October 2023

By Molly Cherry

Terracotta has been used as a floor covering for centuries but over recent years has seen a real resurgence in popularity. Typically, people assume that Terracotta tiles are square but they have developed more recently into a variety of shapes and sizes and we’re delighted to stock a number of different patterns here at Floors of Stone, which can be found here. One that has proven extremely popular with our customers is our Terracotta Parquet, a combination of a traditional terracotta tile in a herringbone design has proven to be very desirable and we’ve started to see these feature in a number of homes and recently we were lucky enough to visit two projects; one being a bathroom and one being a kitchen.

First up we returned to the beautiful Stone House in Leicestershire where we first visited a few years ago to photograph our Mill House Blend Limestone. Sarah, the owner of this beautiful property, had continued her renovations since our last visit with her latest project being the downstairs toilet which is where she had laid our Terracotta Parquet tiles. When our terracotta tiles arrive, they arrive completely untreated allowing you to achieve your desired look, meaning it had been a slightly labour-intensive process when it came to laying them but the pictures show just how worth it this was.

As the tiles come untreated, we sell all of the finishing products you need for the tiles which include a boiled linseed oil and a beeswax. Our beeswax comes in two varieties; either a clear beeswax or an antique beeswax. Sarah had opted for our antique beeswax which slightly darkens the colour of the tiles to give them a deep red/brown appearance and this was the perfect option to suit the traditional, authentic style of Sarah’s property. The rich, red tones of the parquet floor really complemented the deep tones of the wall paneling and offered the perfect contrast against the paler, pink wall colour. It was a real pleasure to be invited back to this house to see how the project had evolved, so much had changed in the few years since our last visit and it was a real treat to see this.

We then visited a beautiful cottage in the Nottinghamshire village of Plumtree where, this time, our terracotta had been installed in a cosy, characterful kitchen space. In contrast to Sarah’s project, this customer had opted for the alternative clear beeswax option which kept the tiles looking lovely and pale and I feel this option really highlights the true beauty and rustic nature of these tiles.

The combination of pink and red proved very popular in this kitchen too with the very delicate pink shaker units which sat perfectly alongside the terracotta flooring and added to the traditional feel of this space. Upon our visit, this customer had actually mentioned that she had a visitor come over when she moved into the house who thought the Terracotta tiles were actually the original floor of the cottage rather than it being a brand-new floor that had been laid the week before her visit!

As you can see from both projects, the terracotta parquet tiles complement such a variety of spaces within the home, whether big or small so hopefully these projects can offer some inspiration for any upcoming renovations you may have. To add an extra bonus to these already very attractive tiles, we currently have a saving of just over 15% on this design, making them just £50 p/m2 whilst stocks last. If you would like a quotation preparing or any free samples sending, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be more than happy to assist. Also, if you have recently installed any of our terracotta tiles, we would love to see images of your project too so please do send them into us on