The deVOL Journal


8th July 2019

By Sophie Mitchell

Unbelievably, it’s been over two years since we introduced our Terracotta tiles to our range and these tiles are even more popular now than ever. We searched long and hard for the perfect Terracotta tiles to add to our collection, and when we came across these gorgeous, rustic handmade Spanish tiles, we knew we’d found a winner.

Helen, deVOL’s Creative Director, loved these tiles so much that she chose them for the Millhouse Kitchen and Scullery at our Cotes Mill showroom. The Terracotta looks amazing in this large space, rich and vivacious with deep shades of red, umber and russet, which have been enriched by the antique beeswax that was applied to the tiles. The hand finished, rustic edges give the tiles a worn appearance and the occasional paw print or indentation in the surface of the terracotta adds to the feel of an original, time-worn floor. Teamed with a Classic Kitchen, and with an enchanting view across the mill pond and over the grounds, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in a villa in the Mediterranean, rather than in the middle of the Leicestershire countryside!

We’ve also sent our Terracotta tiles across to New York to be used in deVOL’s new showroom on Bond Street. They’ve used it in the “Potting Shed” alongside their exquisitely tactile Sebastian Cox Kitchen. We’re waiting on the official photos, so I can’t reveal it in all its glory just yet, but trust me it is stunning and you will not be disappointed! Here’s a sneak peek.

When our suppliers said they’d been experimenting with some different designs in the Terracotta, we were really excited and once we received the samples we knew we had to add them to our selection. We now have Terracotta Parquet and Terracotta Fleur in stock and you can find more information on the Terracotta page on our website.

It’s still early days, but the Fleur design is already making waves and I think will be very popular. I can’t wait to see it laid in a customer’s home, I think it will be a stunning feature floor. deVOL customers are also loving the Parquet design – combining their love of parquet with the gorgeous, ruddy tones of terracotta to create a characterful floor.

You can order samples of the Terracotta via our website, or call our lovely sales team for more information. You can also visit our Cotes Mill showroom (or New York if you’re over there!) to get a better sense of how the Terracotta looks over a large expanse.