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8th June 2016

By Sophie Mitchell

I love working at Cotes Mill! Especially at this time of year, the grounds are bursting with life; flowers and trees are blooming (although maybe not so good for those of us with hay fever!) and the pitter patter of tiny feet can be heard all over the place!

I wanted to introduce you to our latest additions to our Cotes Mill family.

First up, we had this adorable brood of ducklings – so sweet when you see them waddling around the grounds after their mum and swimming on the mill pond.

Then we got very excited at our first ever Guinea Fowl chicks (keets) to be born here at the mill. They were hatched by our grounds keepers in the incubator, as the Guniea Fowl seemed to lay their eggs and forget about them (they don’t seem to be the brightest of creatures!) They Christened this little guy Alan.

Next, we had a bit of surprise when one our peahens emerged from their coop with these two little cuties in tow. She’d been quiet for a few days, which was strange as normally they very definitely like to make themselves known.  How proud does she look?

And last but not least, our resident swans have returned with seven very fluffy, very sweet cygnets. We’ve watched these swans every year since we move to the mill successfully bring up their babies to adulthood. They take themselves away to a quiet space in the grounds for a few weeks, then come back looking very proud of themselves and with several cygnets. We’re sure they’re going to continue to be brilliant parents.

If you want to come and visit our lovely new additions, our Cotes Mill showroom is open Monday – Friday 8:30am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm.


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