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The “Wish List” Bathoom

24th November 2015

By Martha McKenzie

As I have mentioned in a previous post, for me the bathroom is the most important room in the house. It is a place of solace, where you can soak the day’s worries away. Lock the door and forget about all the racket and run around of everyday life!

I frequently day dream about what my dream bathroom would like, if I had the resources to have anything I wanted and the world was my oyster. My “wish list” bathroom as I like to put it.
So, to begin with, what is the most important part of the bathroom? Well the bath of course! I have always wanted a big standalone deep bath to completely submerse myself in. This Montefresco bath from Albion Bath Co is definitely on my list:

Photo courtesy of :

Then comes the flooring choice. Usually I would of course opt for the wonderful Seagrass limestone that we sell. The Seagrass is such a varied product but it usually only gets considered for spaces like a bathroom and I personally feel it is more versatile than that, and I would opt to use it in other areas of my “wish list” home (that’s a whole other story!). Therefore for that reason, I think the floor I’d choose would actually be our beautiful Umbrian Limestone:

Its beautiful textured nature would not only be attractive but practical (especially when stepping out the bath with soggy toes!). Its earthy tones would complement the copper nature of the standalone bath wonderfully! The two together would make a great statement.

The “feature” wall. I always think a feature wall is a lovely thing, something to add a real bit of character to a space. Walls are canvases just waiting to be filled with inspiration and that ‘finishing touch’. I actually found the print for my “wish list bathroom” on another blog and Interior Design company called “Zoffany”. I adore the ordained nature of this print, and the medieval feel it gives and think it would pair up beautifully with the items above:

Photo courtesy of

As for the rest of the walls, I (personally) think after the bold character of the feature wall, the remaining walls should be as neutral as possible. I think a traditional Lime Wash would create the perfect finish- especially as I am trying to achieve a “middle age” vibe.

In brief, limewash is an ancient practise where workers would crush, burn and slack limestone with water to make a lime mortar/putty. The putty is matured for a few months before being thinned out and painted on the walls to create a chalky aged & layered look.

Photo courtesy of

Next onto lighting. I know the next addition to the list wish isn’t exactly practical, but hey who said dreams had to be practical? So for lighting would be going back to the basics. A couple of tall candle holders to go alongside the bath, found of the beautiful site of “kathykuohome” would suit me just fine.

And not forgetting the huge fanciful chandelier too…well because I can!:

Photo courtesy of :
Photo courtesy of :

As for window décor, I think some curtains made out of this medieval/tapestry style print would be the perfect finish:

Photo courtesy of :

As for entering the space? Well nothing short of a door of this splendid magnitude would do:

Photo courtesy of:

So there you have it! The “wish list” bathroom. I’ll keep you posted when I win the lottery! 😉 Until then the photos will have to do. Happy day dreams everyone!



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