The deVOL Journal

Tiling Tips for the Winter

16th December 2019

By Molly Cherry

With the winter months well underway and the cold days becoming more frequent, we often find this is the perfect time of year for people to start new projects on the inside of the home where it’s nice and toasty. Whilst it is a good time of year to lay tiles, there are some handy tips which I thought I would share with you to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Using adhesive in the cold temperatures can prove problematic when using it both inside and outside.  There is a chance that the adhesive may freeze before it gets chance to set, which can then mean that the material will not adhere as it should. Our flexible adhesive has a recommended temperature application use of between 5-20⁰C so, for this reason, we always suggest that when the adhesive is delivered, it is stored inside at room temperature both before and during use.


I am sure everybody knows how important it is to seal natural stone but there are some important points to know when sealing tiles in the winter to ensure it works as it should do. When the temperature is particularly cold, the sealant separates in the tin meaning that instead of it absorbing into the stone as it should do, it will instead just sit on the surface of the stone and it can leave quite a nasty looking haze across the face of the tiles. Our SEALAStone sealant has a handling and application temperature of above 4⁰C and it is very important to ensure it is not applied in temperatures below this.  To avoid potential issues, we recommend storing the sealant inside at room temperature, ideally at least 24 hours prior to use. One final tip is also to ensure the can is shaken well prior to application.

  1. TILES

When customers take delivery of tiles, particularly large orders, we appreciate that there is not always room to store them inside and more often than not they get left outside. In the warmer months, this is not a problem, however, in the cold months when frosts are possible it is important to ensure the tiles are stored inside. The tiles should be thoroughly dried out prior to use and ideally, this is done at least 48 hours before installation.

We understand that with Christmas approaching and it being a busy time of year, with deadlines on the horizon, it is difficult not to try and take some shortcuts, but by following these helpful little pointers it will lead to a successful installation of the tiles meaning you have a beautiful new floor to enjoy for many years to come. If you do have any questions on any of the above points, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on, 01509 234000.