The deVOL Journal

Vintage Bronze Tumbled Limestone

31st May 2022

By Will Margetts

With summer just around the corner, the Vintage Bronze Tumbled Limestone is the perfect tile to base your project on. It features sandy tones and tumbled edges and could bring a nice touch of the beach to your patio or kitchen.

One of the main draws to Vintage Bronze Limestone tiles are their versatility. They are suitable for use inside the home, outside the home or you could even have the tiles stretch out from inside the kitchen, through patio doors and onto the patio itself to achieve a sense of continuity that can really tie a space together.

Our Vintage Bronze Tumbled Limestone tiles are exclusively available in the 600mm x FL x 20 format, which means each tile has the same 600mm width while the lengths are random, ranging between 400 and 900mm. The resulting flooring works in almost any space without looking too busy, or, conversely, too sparce as can happen if the tiles are all the same size.

If you think it might be time for a new patio or kitchen floor, look no further than our extensive range of limestones. Many of them are suitable for both internal and external use and there is a great array of tones and textures to suit any taste.

Please get in touch with our friendly sales team who would be more than happy to support you through the tile buying process, from samples all the way through to tips for looking after them once they’ve been installed.