Woburn Oak

Fully finished, engineered, solid oak

Rich brown tones and burned edges creating the illusion of a floor that has been laid for centuries. 

Our Planks & Parquet range is produced to order, so there will be a three week lead time.

150 x (1000-2200) x 20 - £105.00/m2
200 x (1000-2200) x 20 - £115.00/m2

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Further information

Calibrated: Yes

Suitable for walls: No

Requires sealing: No

Suitable for external use: No

Burned edges give the Woburn Oak an instantly aged appearance, creating the illusion of a time-worn floor. The rich tawny tones are washed over with a darker brown to enhance the texture on the surface of the planks and really make the most of the wealth of grain and knot detail in the wood.

Our planks come in generous lengths of up to 2200mm, with some shorter lengths ranging down to 1000mm, to create a truly beautiful floor. Our range of colours have been selected so that there is something to suit every project. The planks are engineered from three layers of solid oak, making them more durable than other engineered wood floors and giving the dense, quality feel of a solid oak floor. All of our planks are all suitable for use over underfloor heating, with the solid wood makeup giving the benefit that they retain the heat for longer. The planks come fully finished, so can be walked on from the day they are laid, making them hardwearing and easy to maintain.

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