The deVOL Journal

Bye Lavello, Hello Ravello: Introducing our New Range

9th August 2019

By Rachael Crockett

When our Lavello range became discontinued, we couldn’t bear the thought of it being gone forever. So, we decided to jump on the opportunity to bring in a brand-new range to replace our much-loved Lavello.

Introducing our Ravello collection. We absolutely adore this range. With detailing that mimics natural stone, softly aged edges and the durability of porcelain, this collection combines traditional and luxury perfectly. If you love the charm of natural stone but prefer the practicality of porcelain, our Ravello might be for you!

Ravello Ivory Porcelain

Ravello Ivory is a beautiful floor for anyone looking for a lighter porcelain but still wanting an authentic style. If you’re a big fan of our Worn Ivory Sandstone but concerned about the upkeep, this tile may be the perfect alternative.

Whilst textured like natural stone, the Ravello Ivory maintains the hard-wearing nature of porcelain, making it an excellent flooring for kitchens and hallways. We love how this ivory tile is mottled with gentle hues of cinnamon and fawn, giving it a sophisticated yet modern finish.

Ravello Beige Porcelain

Ravello Beige is arguably one of our most beautiful porcelain tiles, with its delicate but striking tones of tawny and ash. This tile mimics natural stone impeccably, with a slightly textured surface making it suited to a busy family home.

The beautiful detailing gives this porcelain a sophisticated edge and wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional Italian-inspired kitchen. If you’re looking to add a splash of European charm to your home, you need not go any further.

Ravello Grey Porcelain

If you’re looking for an aged porcelain with an industrial-feel, our Ravello Grey Porcelain may be the way to go. With chalky hues paired with achromatic undertones, this elegant porcelain works as an excellent statement piece and compliments a wide range of interiors for a stylish home.

Ravello Grey Porcelain has a textured surface and intricate detailing – mimicking natural stone perfectly. However, the steely undertones lend to an urban appeal which makes for a truly unique porcelain.

Our Ravello collection comes in 600x900x10 and is currently priced at £42.00m2. Our products are now live on our website and you can order samples here. Or, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales team on 01509 234000 or alternatively you can email us on