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California Dreaming

23rd February 2017

By Sophie Mitchell

We love our range of handmade tiles. Hannah, our talented ceramicist, puts so much care and attention into producing every single one, in our little ceramics studio here at Cotes Mill; making each tile truly unique and leaving no doubt that they are handmade. We think the tiles are really special, but we’re biased, so when popular interior magazines and bloggers think so as well and feature them, we get so excited!

It makes us happier still when customers see these images and fall in love with the tiles too. We had one such lady get in touch in August last year, all the way from California! She’d seen our Dove House and Whitechapel splashback featured on Remodelista and was inspired to use them as part of the renovations on her bathroom and utility room walls.

Hannah got to work cutting, pressing, glazing and firing the tiles – 650 in total! All completely made by hand. She then carefully wrapped and packaged each tile, and we waved them off on their journey across the Atlantic. After a nervous few weeks, Hannah finally received an email to say all the tiles had made it in one piece and the customer absolutely loved them!

We were totally thrilled, therefore, to be greeted by these pictures on Monday morning. We’d been desperately waiting to see what the finished rooms would look like and how our tiles had been used, and they do not disappoint. The tiles had been used half way up the walls of the bathroom and look great with the industrial touches in the room. The slightly mottled, white glaze, which gives each tile a subtly different shade, really makes the brass accessories and daring, inky sink sing out. As in our splashback, both the Whitechapel and Dove House designs have been used, to great effect. I like that the rest of the room has been kept simple and uncluttered so that the tiles remain the main feature.

They were also used in the utility room, floor to ceiling on one wall. I adore the finish. It’s so tactile, I just want to reach out and run my hand across the wall. They’re perfectly matched with the grey cabinets and light wood worktop and floor, I wouldn’t mind doing chores if my utility room looked like this!

Helen, deVOL Kitchen’s Creative Director, once described our handmade tiles as “little patterned squares of gorgeousness” and they are certainly living up to that description here.

We’ve since had lots more interest from our cousins across the pond, as well as elsewhere in Europe and of course with our customers here in the UK. Hannah’s orders are coming in thick and fast! If you want to see our full range, head to our handmade tiles page. While you’re there, make sure you check out the video of how Hannah makes the tiles, it’s so fascinating.

For more information, or to place an order for your own tiles, please get in touch on or call us on 01509 234000. If you visit Cotes Mill during the week, you’re also welcome to pop round and see Hannah at work in our ceramics studio.


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