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Have the flooring trends lived up to the hype?

11th November 2016

By Emily Thompson

As a flooring company we can easily determine if a trend is really living up to the hype. A big trend of the year is parquet wood flooring – this classic style is perfect for those who want to keep their flooring in keeping with the age of the property and for those who want to contrast contemporary and sleek design with a timeless and impressive style of flooring.

Parquet is very popular with our sister company deVOL Kitchens’ customers and can be found laid in the beautiful Sebastian Cox Kitchen in their London showroom. Although fairly time consuming to lay, the stunning results are most definitely worth it. Parquet wood flooring has lived up to the hype and we believe that it will continue to grow in popularity all the way into 2017.

Grey has been the colour of the year! Specifically, the “concrete” grey which is a great shade to complement many interiors. This trend has certainly lived up to the hype – especially with our Dove Grey Tumbled Limestone. Since introducing the Dove Grey at the start of the year it has been extremely popular and as it’s such a beautiful stone, it’s easy to see why.

More recently we have introduced ranges of porcelain tiles which includes the Cement porcelain, Stucco Clay, and Stucco Marl. All three tiles are on trend with the “concrete” grey and are a brilliant, and less slippery, alternative to a polished concrete floor. The Cement porcelain tile comes in the size 750x750x10 which is great for large spaces and for those who want as little grout lines as possible.

Leather look tiles aren’t a trend which has lived up to the hype yet, however, we can tell that it’s about to change. We have introduced a couple of leather look porcelain tiles, the Pewter and Gunmetal Grey, and they are beginning to gain more interest by the day. We think these tiles will be more of a “slow burner” but they exude such luxury and sophistication, you can’t help but fall a little bit in love.

The trend of Wood Effect Porcelain is definitely living up to the hype. It’s a brilliant product to use throughout the house and outdoors, especially in areas where people like to stay away from natural wood, i.e. the kitchen and bathroom. Wood Effect Porcelain is the perfect alternative as it looks and feels very realistic, with over 200 different patterns, and remains suitable for areas where there will be water and possible spillages.

With the Scandinavian style being very prevalent in the Design world at the moment, the Nordic Oak porcelain is the perfect flooring option for this trend. The light tiles sit nicely with the minimalist, monochrome traits of the Scandinavian style and offer a touch of warmth to any space.

Although I’ve mentioned trends, we know how expensive it can be to rip up a floor and start again, so whilst our products do follow trends to an extent, we always try and select tiles that are classically beautiful and will stand the test of time. Consider your project carefully from the start and you can enjoy the results for years to come.

We can’t wait to bring you more gorgeous new products in 2017!


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