The deVOL Journal

Home is where the PINK is

31st October 2018

By Hannah Livesley

Handmade pink tiles, installed in the herringbone pattern. Kitchen by deVOL.

With delicate shades of blush, rose and light coral, we designed our handmade pink tiles to give a unique twist on the typical neutral tone. Personally, I think it is a colour that is calm and warm with a hint of playfulness and the perfect complementary colour to add a creative feature to the home.

You can tell I’m a bit of a fan of the colour pink! so creating a pink handmade tile has been such a fun way to highlight this wonderful colour and the joy of handmade.

Craft makes our homes more human and being able to celebrate craft through tiles is something I am really passionate about. Handmade tiles are chosen to last years or a lifetime and we sense the time, care and skill that went into the making. Investing in handmade is special. It carries the imprint of the hands that make it.

This is true, every tile that I make carries a story. From the subtle variation in pink tones to the occasional finger and thumbprint captured in the clay, it shows the physical connection of how it was made and how it has not been mass produced.

Finishing an order is greatly satisfying, and I always lay the tiles together so I can imagine what our customers will see when the order has been installed. What brings this to life is receiving photographs of finished customer projects and seeing how the tiles have become part of their home. Whether it be a kitchen, bathroom or fire surround, being able to see the place they have invested in handmade is so rewarding.

I have put together some amazing photographs I have received from our lovely customers, that I hope will inspire you and show how wonderful handmade is…and the beautiful colour pink!

From the stunning handcrafted deVOL kitchen to the handmade deVOL porcelain pendant lights and our handmade pink tiles, you get a sense this customer was trying to create something special. The mix of pink, green, copper and marble are striking in themselves but together, creates a room full of character and makes for the perfect place to socialise in.

Handmade pink tiles and kitchen by deVOL.

The Damask coloured cabinets and off-white coloured walls, perfectly frame the subtle variation of pink tones in this kitchen splashback. This variation creates just enough playfulness for a creative focal feature.

There’s something about handmade items that pairs so well with vintage and antique pieces. They share the attribute of a story behind the making or the memory of where it was sourced. It also combines the old and new to create a wonderful mix of textures, lines and beautiful style.

Our handmade pink tiles can be installed in many different ways and are so versatile for many interior projects.

If you’re a lover of pink and would like further information on our handmade tiles, please contact me by email on I would love to hear from you and chat through your ideas!